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The Arctic Ocean Basin – is it really Putin’s playground?

By K. Joseph Spears During the long running Cold War, the Arctic Ocean Basin had strategic military significance: The airspace was potentially important for overflights of strategic bombers and...

Port of Hamilton’s Westport Modernization Project

In 2018, Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced an investment of $17.7 million in the Port of Hamilton from the National Trade Corridors Fund (NTCF). The Federal investment will be matched by the...

Railways bolster cold chain segments

By Keith Norbury Canada’s two major railways are embarking on some cool endeavours to build their refrigerated and temperature-controlled cargo business. For instance, the larger of the two,...

Verifying cold-chain integrity among blockchain’s promises

By Keith Norbury Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, has the potential to revolutionize the transportation of refrigerated and temperature-controlled cargos. Its...
By Guy M. Tombs “An old military adage has it that amateurs concern themselves with tactics, but professionals worry about logistics.” So says Richard Fidler
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By Brian Dunn Coordinating the aims of the various stakeholders in Arctic development is a daunting task which needs to be clarified, while competition will
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By K. Joseph Spears Since Canada is an Arctic nation, there is a strong requirement for icebreaker capability in our Arctic waters. The Canadian Coast
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By Joe Spears In an April 2016 article, Breaking Bread and the Ice in Washington, I examined Canada’s evolving Arctic policy under the then new
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Hamilton Port Authority has released its second annual sustainability report. The report reflects HPA’s commitment to transparency and explores what the port does, how it
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By Sam Whelan Rapid population growth, fast-developing economies and a booming global market for fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables has made Africa a very attractive
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By Ian Putzger Eager to put a disappointing 2018 harvest behind them, U.S. produce shippers are preparing for a strong crop this year – but
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