Beyond the Border report shows plan moving in right direction

The Canadian Trucking Alliance welcomed the federal government’s Canada-U.S. Beyond the Border Action Plan Implementation Report and anticipates more progress to be made in 2013. Since the binational Border Action Plan was announced a year ago by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama, governments on both sides of the border, as well as industry stakeholders such as the Canadian Trucking Alliance, have been busy putting the pieces in place.


Railway partnership at Port of Trois-Rivières

During the strategic planning that resulted in the adoption of On Course for 2020 by the Board of Directors of Trois-Rivières Port Authority (TRPA), it was determined that the railway network was strategic to the growth of the port. Accordingly, TRPA and Quebec Gatineau Railway (QGRY) have collectively invested over $3M to upgrade the port’s railway system. To capitalize on these investments, TRPA entered into three agreements involving the QGRY and Canadian Pacific (CP).


CANADA STEAMSHIP LINES a highly entrepreneurial part of Canada’s history celebrating 100 years

By Brian Dunn

In the spring of 1845, river pilot Jacques Sincennes established La Compagnie du Richelieu with a single paddle steamer to help farmers get their goods up the Richelieu River and along the St. Lawrence River to market in Montreal. Similar inland shipping ventures multiplied over the next 68 years in a very fragmented way, with each service provider serving a particular route with little coordination of services.


The vision that designed and built the new CSL Trillium ships

By Mark Cardwell

When he started out as a marine navigator on the Great Lakes in the early 1980s (sailing on older vessels built in the 1950s), Kirk Jones says turning the desk-sized wheels on lakers required all the strength a man could muster. “They had telemotor control for steering gear,” he recalled. “But it was 600 feet back to the engine room so it took everything you had to move the hydraulic oil through the lines.”


Thunder Bay Terminals looking to a promising future

By Jack Kohane

Hilary Goldenberg, President of Thunder Bay Terminals Ltd. (TBTL), isn’t a geologist but she knows tonnes about coal, an age-old fossil fuel that is been getting some bad press of late. But when Goldenberg talks up the merits of coal, people listen. “Canada’s coal business is bright,” she says firmly. “Canada has lots of excellent coking coal and the world wants it.” Metallurgical coal is an essential ingredient for steel production and drives the steel industry on a global scale. In addition, thermal coal that is produced in North America is also in growing demand in Europe and Asia where government policies have not undermined its use. As a result of strong pricing overseas, these products are moving in ever greater volumes into the export market.