APEC sees major project growth in Atlantic Canada

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council’s 2013 Major Projects Inventory identifies a record $115 billion worth of major investment projects in various stages of development across Atlantic Canada, up 15 per cent over last year’s Inventory. The 30th edition of APEC’s Inventory, which catalogues 388 major investment projects across Atlantic Canada, was released in Moncton in conjunction with the latest issue of APEC’s Atlantic Report.


EDC to exporters: gear up for growth

By R. Bruce Striegler

Balance returning to world’s economy?

Following his annual spring tour of eighteen Canadian cities where he discussed global economic affairs as they relate to Canadian business, Peter G. Hall, Vice-­‐President and Chief Economist of Export Development Canada (EDC) presented a recent webcast titled “Let’s talk exports”. Using the analogy of a race car, Mr. Hall says, “Anyone who is involved in international trade knows this is a very fast-­‐paced race. Everyone is filled with adrenalin. You never stop thinking about every square inch of the track you’re playing on. You know you have intense competition. The turns are sharp, the speeds are high. All of this is the way international trade is played out. It’s a high risk game.”


Greater transparency on C-­TPAT suspensions, appeals a significant step forward

In response to complaints from the national trucking associations on both sides of the Canada-­‐U.S. border, the

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published a document which clearly lays out the measures it will take to address security breaches involving motor carriers – the most important of these being that suspension or removal from the program will not be immediate and not without following this newly published process.