ZIM renewing its special containers fleet

ZIM is currently putting into service 420 new 20-foot open-top containers, which will increase the open-top share of its container fleet by about 20 per cent. This addition of new special containers is aimed at enhancing ZIM’s ongoing policy to ensure maximum availability of special equipment to customers, as well as keeping a low average age of the container fleet. Open-top containers are suitable for tall or large cargo that cannot be loaded through container doors, such as machinery, sheet glass, building materials etc.


Thunder Bay welcomes namesake MV Thunder Bay

By William Hryb

Hillcrest was the perfect vantage point to see history in the making for the city and port of Thunder Bay. It was a clear and warm Indian Summer day, on Friday morning, September 27, 2013, when the MV Thunder Bay with Captain Murray Lathum at the helm, entered the port limits. Even from a distance, one could see the familiar CSL logo emblazoned on the massive ship’s red hull, marking the auspicious occasion, particularly on the 100th anniversary year of Canada Steam Ship Lines.