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Montreal’s Alexandra Pier and Iberville passenger terminal to be restored

Marie-Claude Leroux, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, who oversees property services at Montreal Port Authority, provided details of the proposed restoration of the Port’s Alexandra Pier and its Iberville Passenger Terminal.

These major works require an investment of $78 million, but will make it possible to return the existing infrastructure to its original use as a passenger terminal by upgrading it to better meet the needs of shipping lines and cruise passengers, who are choosing Montreal as a destination in ever-increasing numbers. These projects will also contribute to improved integration of the terminal and pier into the urban fabric. The winning concept aims to provide a meeting point, a bridge between the city and the river and a welcome to cruise passengers on par with Montreal’s international reputation.

When City of Montreal filed its three-year capital works program for 2015-2017 at the end of October, it indicated its support for this project in the form of a $15-million contribution, which the Port welcomed gracefully.

In the coming months, the Port Authority will work on completing its proposal to finance this major capital expenditure. As well, an information and public consultation process will be set in motion, to ensure that this project will become the pride of all of its stakeholders. 

DHL invests $2.1 million in new Edmonton facility

DHL announced the opening of a new facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Representing an investment of $2.1 million, this new facility will help DHL Express meet the growing demands of international shipping customers and help to streamline logistics and shipping for energy sector organizations. Additionally, it will provide Alberta’s SME companies better access to international markets. The new facility opening is the second milestone in DHL’s current commitment to the Alberta market. In September 2014, the company invested more than $2 million to launch a new commercial flight route to Calgary and Edmonton.


New era for reefer shipping when wider Panama Canal opens to bigger ships

By Rainbow Nelson

The battle for Latin America’s perishable cargo is set to move into a new phase with the opening of a widened Panama Canal next year, key speakers told delegates at TOC Americas in Cartagena. The arrival of ultra-large container vessels in the region is likely to be the final nail in the coffin for traditional reefer carriers squeezing earnings from ageing tonnage.


CMA CGM Elbe enters the CMA CGM fleet

CMA CGM Group’s new container ship CMA CGM Elbe embarked on its maiden voyage on October 14 in Dalian (China).

CMA CGM Elbe (9,400 TEUs) is the second of a series of 28 vessels from 9,400 TEUs to 10,900 TEUs which will be delivered from now to the third quarter of 2016. Last June, the Group took delivery of the first vessel of this series, the CMA CGM Danube. Each vessel of this one-of-a-kind series will be named after a famous river of the world.


CMA CGM Group acquires 7,000 latest generation reefer containers

CMA CGM Group has acquired more than 7,000 of the latest generation 40’ High Cube Reefer containers including 6,000 low consumption engines. These temperature-controlled containers reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 60 per cent compared to first generation reefers, and allow for more precise temperature control, allowing CMA CGM to transport fruits and vegetables, frozen food, wine, flowers and pharmaceutical products under optimum conditions.

With its reefer fleet of 185,000 TEUs, CMA CGM Group’s reefer business is growing at a clip of 13 per cent per year, and has secured a 6.5 per cent global market share. Its target is to carry a million reefer containers annually before 2015.