Closing Canada’s icebreaker gap

By K. Joseph Spears Canada is both an Ocean and Arctic Nation. Canada has operated government-owned icebreakers for well over a hundred years. For example, the museum ship CHS Acadia moored in...

Port of Johnstown quietly building a steady business

By Alex Binkley The Port of Johnstown has quietly built up its presence in Eastern Ontario transportation since becoming a municipally-owned enterprise in 2001 when Transport Canada transferred the...

Seaway upbeat about 2018 season

By Alex Binkley There was an upbeat mood in the air as the March 29 official opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway approached, fueled by a nearly 9 per cent growth in business during 2017, and warm...
By K. Joseph Spears Canada’s Arctic embraces both land and oceanspace, which taken together, makes up 40 per cent of Canada landmass of 9,900,000 square
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March 18, 2018

China’s Arctic rising

Canadian Sailings Comments are off
By K. Joseph Spears China’s presence in the Arctic, like recent winter temperatures, continues to increase. China considers itself a near-Arctic power, even though it
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By K. Joseph Spears The 21st century has been called a maritime century as well as an Arctic century. A rapidly changing Arctic has brought
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By Alex Binkley The new freighters that have joined the fleets of Great Lakes shipping lines in recent years are showing their worth and even
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