Record-breaking tonnage, cross-country connections, 25 years of cruise and community focus

Whether it’s a record-breaking first quarter or landmark anniversary – Port Saint John is making headlines.

Incredible period of growth

Peter Gaulton was elected chair of the Board of Directors for Port Saint John in April. Gaulton, former vice-chair of the board and a life-long Saint Johner, said he’s proud to be chairing the board at such a time of momentous growth for the Port. He’s been a member of the board since 2008.

“I’d like to commend the executive team, port staff and stakeholders for their commitment to growing business at Port Saint John to the benefit of our region. Port Saint John is an essential part of the New Brunswick economy,” he said.

Gaulton highlighted several of the projects Port Saint John has been working diligently on. He noted the Port’s status as a proposed delivery point for TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline as evidence of its success.

“Leadership from our Port team and industry stakeholders is making significant differences in key files such as environmental stewardship, potential port expansion projects and support to the collective effort here in Saint John to bring precious resources from the west to the city and through Port Saint John. This is a proven and experienced port with the connections and capabilities to make it happen. The future at Port Saint John is extremely bright with the commitment of our port community driving growth,” he said.

On the map

In April, TransCanada revealed a map of potential delivery points for the Energy East Pipeline Project. Port Saint John was on it.

“A part of our country has developed a resource that’s not getting full global value. We want to help bring that Canadian commodity to the global market through New Brunswick and through the Port,” Port Saint John President and CEO Jim Quinn said.

The Port’s strategic placement, wealth of experience and deep water capabilities make it an ideal candidate for western crude.

“Canada is positioned to get full value for its natural resources. The people here in New Brunswick have excellent skills when it comes to the fabrication of materials to support this pipeline. This, combined with world class services and industrial parks within easy reach of the Port make Saint John an ideal host for this pipeline initiative. We’ll be putting people to work and we’ll be able to underscore its importance in supporting economic development. It also will underscore the expertise the port community has demonstrated over the past 50 plus years,” Quinn said.

The proposed 4,400 km pipeline will carry between 500,000 and 850,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada.

TransCanada is holding a binding open season until June 17 to obtain firm long-term commitments from interested parties.

25 years of cruise

Port Saint John is celebrating a milestone this year – 25 years in the cruise business.

Port Saint John is the fourth largest port in Canada by cruise traffic, with 63 ships set to call this year. In 2012, 188,000 passengers passed through the Port City.

In September, their two millionth passenger is visiting.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our two millionth passenger this year. When cruise passengers come here, they’re greeted with a smile. Our Meet and Greet Committee and our cruise-friendly city make their experience memorable,” Betty MacMillan, Manager of Cruise Development, said.

Community focus

In New Brunswick, Saint John is known as the Port City. That’s because Saint John grew up around the Port.

With that in mind, Port Saint John is more than a transportation facility. It’s a community developer.

The Port is engaged with the community and plays an important role in discussing issues pertinent to the region. The Port Saint John executive team and staff have been getting creative with community engagement.

For the third year in a row, the Port will be holding its annual Community Day. Held during Port Days, Community Day is a chance for citizens to tour the Port, meet employees and enjoy a day of fun. The event also fundraises for a deserving children’s charity in close proximity to the Port.

Paula Small, Manager of Stakeholder and Community Engagement for Port Saint John, is also working on developing an education plan for local students about the Port and its significance.

“Working with our local schools to introduce students to what the Port is and does every day is key to both educating young people about an important economic contributor to their community and opening their minds to possible future careers in the industry,” she said.

The Port’s social media strategy is also garnering attention in the region, with eight active social media platforms, a signature hashtag, blog and constant online engagement with the community.