The Logistics and Transportation Metropolitan Cluster of Montreal, CargoM, is now in its third year of operation, and I am very pleased to share with you how far we have come since we started in late 2012.

Some facts about CargoM’s three-year progress:

• More than 45 active members and 400 associates

• Six groups actively developing initiatives in their area of expertise

• Several international missions and studies on our sector

• Recognition of the contribution our sector makes to the economic development of Greater Montreal

Our six working groups are now up and running, and the initial results are already bearing fruit.

Our track record includes achievements such as: the KPMG-Secor 2013 study on the logistics and transportation industry in Greater Montreal; the November 14, 2014 special section on our sector in La Presse and La Presse+ distributed to 350,000+ readers; a mobile application for truckers; selection of our logistics promotional tool project by the “Je Vois Montréal” initiative; the April 17, 2015 forum on logistics and transportation with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and our LinkedIn account to stay informed about the progress of our projects and activities.

CargoM’s strength lies in the involvement and collaboration of all its members and associates. They share their expertise and experiences, help the working groups with their orientation and contribute to the successful completion of projects. Since the launch of CargoM, this proactive collaboration proves how interested and willing the community is to work together on our hub’s reputation and performance in order to position Montreal at the heart of major global supply chains. We would especially like to thank our Board of Directors and our Chair, Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Port of Montreal, for their advice and support. Many thanks also to our 45 members who, through their involvement in the cluster and its projects, are contributing to the success of our projects. We also heartily thank our donor agencies, the Quebec ministry of the economy, innovation and exports (MEIE), the Quebec ministry of municipal affairs and land occupancy (MAMO), the Montreal metropolitan community (CMM) and the financial contribution of all our members.

Here are a few of the projects are at the prep stage for next year:

• Logistics promotional tool that will serve as a platform to promote Greater Montreal’s logistics hub and multi-sites, and provide specific information on our sector to hub investors and clients.

• Follow the container, in collaboration with the Montreal school board (CSDM). This involves developing an educational program for Secondary 1, 2 and 3 college students to familiarize them with the supply chain and related trades.

• Mobile application for truckers, in collaboration with the City of Montreal, Transport Quebec (MTQ) and the Quebec truckers association (ACQ). This application lets truckers generate optimal routes factoring in construction sites and, especially, the trucking map for the Island of Montreal.

• Pre-approved line aimed to set up an information sharing system designed to improve the flow and movement of cargo at the Port of Montreal.

• Territory planning challenges that, by the nature of our activities, make our presence in urban areas very sensitive. To support the growth of our activity and fit harmoniously into the urban environment, we are launching a project to establish good neighbouring practices

Also, mark your calendar for the Cargo Logistics Canada international expo and conference that will be held in Montreal on February 17 and 18, 2016. CargoM was instrumental in attracting this top supply chain event to Montreal, because it is so important to our professional community here.

There is no shortage of challenges to increase competitiveness and promote our logistics and transportation hub. With our members and my team, we are striving to undertake actions whose benefits will great growth and economic development for Greater Montreal. Fresh opportunities abound, such as the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union and the Government of Quebec’s maritime strategy. Our industry’s momentum is strong, allowing us to conceive and carry out promising projects for Greater Montreal’s economic development, job creation and international reach.

Mathieu Charbonneau, MBA
Executive Director, CargoM