In praising the successful conclusions of negotiations to establish a Canada-EU trade agreement, Wendy Zatylny, President of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA), cautioned that additional investment in infrastructure will be required to help the ports meet the growing needs resulting from increased cargo flows. “A study conducted by ACPA and Transport Canada highlighted a$5.8-billion gap in funds needed to pay for port infrastructure needs”, noted Ms. Zatylny. “Of this $5.8 billion, approximately one-third was simply to help the eighteen Canada Port Authorities grow to meet demand resulting from increasing cargo volumes. While port authorities have become extremely adept at sourcing funds from multiple partners, federal government support is a vital component in ensuring such partnerships come together.” Noting the commitments made in the 2013 Budget regarding the Building Canada Fund, Ms. Zatylny expressed hope that port requirements would be recognized within the envelopes.