Its 05:30 in the morning, somewhat cooler in the shade however the forecast for the day has been sent out by the various news networks with a UV warning. There’s a slight breeze and the smell of freshly brewed coffee along with the platters of muffins looking so inviting. The day couldn’t have started off better allowing us to celebrate and thank the hard working truckers that visit Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership on a daily basis. While preparing for this event, we couldn’t have scripted a better day.

“Bonjour – Hi” were the welcoming words spoken by the various MGT employees that took time to greet the many members from the trucking community. As we have said many times in the past, this day is all about the truckers. Our staff takes the time to listen to the various adventures, gripes and most of all positive and negative feedback from these road warriors. One trucker coming in from Ontario said, “day in and day out we tie up our boots knowing that the construction woes in and about Montreal won’t get the better of us.” More than half of the truckers we spoke with both local and from out of town stressed on the “Orange Cone Epidemic” or for clarification purposes, ”Construction” throughout Quebec (Montreal).

From the start of the day we distributed soft cooler type lunch bags to over 600 truckers that stopped to chat with our staff. In an effort to raise funds for the Mariners’ House of Montreal we chose to sell MGT document bags along with credit card protection cases each going for two dollars. At the end of the day we were pleased to find out that both terminals combined raised over seven hundred dollars which in fact MGT matched. A cheque in the amount of fifteen hundred dollars will be sent to the Mariners’ House without delay along with another donation of one hundred dollars from a reputable organization preferring to remain anonymous.

A day like this doesn’t just happen. There is a multitude of scheduling and preparation to which we have to thank out organizing staff for their combined efforts leading to yet another great success. Until next year…