Algoma Central Corporation announced that it has taken delivery of the second of eight new Equinox class lake bulk carriers from Nantong Mingde shipyard in China. The ship, named the Algoma Harvester, is being prepared for the long voyage to Canada and is expected to leave China shortly. When it arrives in Canada this summer, the Algoma Harvester will join its sister ship, the Algoma Equinox, as part of Algoma’s 32-vessel Canadian flagged Great Lakes fleet.

The 2014 shipping season is off to a late start following the very harsh winter weather and record ice conditions on the Great Lakes. The addition of the Algoma Harvester will provide much needed capacity to help meet the needs of Canadian grain farmers to get last year’s record crop to market. “We are looking forward to the Algoma Harvester’s arrival in Canada this summer,” said Greg Wight, Algoma President and CEO. “We continue to be pleased with our decision to develop an innovative and advanced vessel and our commitment to sustainability is evident in the performance we are achieving from the Equinox Class vessels.”

Algoma is investing $300 million to construct six state of the art Equinox class vessels and CWB Inc. is constructing an additional two  Equinox class vessels that will be managed by Algoma as part of the fleet serving our customers in and around the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Waterway.

The Equinox Class represents the next generation of Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Waterway bulk cargo vessels. The ships have been designed to optimize fuel efficiency and operating performance thus minimizing environmental impact. A 45 per cent improvement in energy efficiency over Algoma’s current fleet average is expected, resulting from the use of a modern Tier II compliant engine, increased cargo capacity, and improved hull form. In addition, a fully integrated IMO approved exhaust gas scrubber will remove 97 per cent of all sulphur oxides from shipboard emissions. The use of exhaust gas scrubbers represents the first application of an IMO approved integrated scrubber on a Great Lakes – St. Lawrence vessel class.