Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, welcomed the September 27 grand opening of the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association’s (BCMEA) Waterfront Training Center in Richmond, B.C. as an important contribution to transportation safety. “I’m delighted to be here for the grand opening of this new training centre,” said Minister Raitt. “By encouraging the creation of training projects such as this one, I am confident that our government is helping all Canadians to benefit from the critical work of the men and women who staff our marine facilities and keep our ports and the marine transportation system safe and efficient.”

The new facility will train British Columbia port operations employees in a controlled environment, enabling the safe delivery of a diverse set of training programs at one single site. Through the training facility, BCMEA will provide simultaneous training of several programs through exercises which resemble live operations. The initial development will allow for the delivery of training programs from various sectors including containers, breakbulk (logs, lumber, pulp and steel) and bulk.

“Canada must maintain a reliable, efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible transportation system,” added Minister Raitt. Minister Raitt said the new facility helps in adapting to the increased global demand for Canada’s natural resources. As globalization increases the demand for Canada’s natural resources, maritime shipping will play an even larger role to get these resources to global markets.