The Port has been marking its 100th anniversary with a series of events highlighting a century of growth. The year began with the annual Marine Club Dinner, where the popular Hamilton hospitality suite at the Royal York Hotel was styled in anniversary celebration. In March, Hamilton Port Authority staff and retirees shared  an afternoon of memories as the refurbished Hamilton No. 2 police boat was unveiled after more than a year of work by Port maintenance staff. The contents of a time capsule that had been embedded in the cornerstone of the Port’s 1953 headquarters were also shared.

During Hamilton’s Doors Open event, visitors had the opportunity to visit the Port’s historic headquarters and view the harbour from the panorama of the sixth-floor boardroom. An ongoing historical photo exhibit hosted at the Art Gallery of Hamilton shares images from the Port archives, as well as submissions from local amateur photographers.

A Port Partner Appreciation event will be held this fall to celebrate people and companies who have helped to build Hamilton’s port through the years.