The mandatory phase of Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Advance Commercial Information (ACI) eManifest program has been postponed and will not be implemented this fall.

While the informed compliance phase of the regulation began November 1, 2012, the mandatory phase has been postponed several times. CBSA has not announced a new timeline for implementation but says 45 days of notice will be provided once a new date is confirmed. CBSA strongly advises those highway carriers who have not yet adopted eManifest to take advantage of the additional time before the regulation becomes mandatory. When eManifest highway carrier requirements are mandatory, non-compliant carriers could be subject to penalties.

The ACI eManifest regulation requires carriers bound for Canada to electronically submit data in advance of their arrival at the border. The ACI eManifest program is being implemented to help CBSA identify potential threats to Canada, while helping to move low-risk shipments expeditiously across the border.

Additional details regarding the ACI eManifest requirements are available on CBSA’s website.

The above information was provided by A.N. Deringer Inc.