The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering presented its inaugural award of the Medal of Excellence. Mr. Bud Streeter received the medal at an event to mark the occasion during the annual Mari-Tech Conference and Exhibition at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in Halifax.

The Medal of Excellence recognizes an individual’s outstanding contribution to marine engineering in Canada, including through technical innovation, sea-going service, substantial leadership in the industry and the teaching of marine engineering. The medal is intended to be the hallmark of professional achievement in Canada’s marine engineering industry.

In selecting Mr. Streeter for the medal, the National Council of the Institute considered his decades of commercial and government leadership in Canada’s marine industry, including as a senior sea-going marine engineer, the management of marine transportation enterprises, his mentorship of others in the profession, and his singular promotion of lasting reforms for the safety of life at sea. Mr. Streeter, a graduate of the Canadian Coast Guard College and former Director-General of Marine Safety for Transport Canada, is now the Vice President of Lloyd’s Register and the company’s marine manager for Canada.

Interviewed after the presentation of the Medal of Excellence, Mr. Streeter remarked that “to be recognized by one’s peers in our industry is the highest honour one can receive.”