Port plays key role in creation of logistics and transportation cluster

The Port of Montreal has been a driving force behind the creation of the new Logistics and Transportation Metropolitan Cluster of Montreal, known as Cargo Montreal.

“We are proud of the role we have played to help consolidate Montreal as a centre for goods transportation and pleased that representatives of all of the modes of transport and the logistics industry have come aboard in order to maximize this hub,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority and Chair of Cargo Montreal.

“We are also very happy to have the support of the three levels of government. It’s a clear message that logistics and transportation is recognized as a key industry and an important economic generator for the region.”

By facilitating interactions and existing synergies between member companies, clusters help improve innovation capacity and productivity.

Cargo Montreal’s mission is to bring together companies and concerned stakeholders in the region’s logistics and freight transportation sector in order to further improve collaboration among all players, maximize the sector’s development, and consider solutions that can benefit other sectors in the region.

“We believe Cargo Montreal will provide all sectors of the cargo transportation industry with a unique opportunity to work collaboratively on resolving common issues and perhaps even identifying growth prospects in order for Montreal to keep or improve its position as a major transportation hub,” said Michael Fratianni, Chief Financial Officer of Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership and a member of Cargo Montreal’s Board of Directors.

“Cargo Montreal can also play an important role in publicly advancing the broad social and economic benefits generated from the cargo transportation sector, something we need to do collectively to increase community awareness of all the positives associated with our industry.”

Cargo Montreal will examine the long-term development and competitiveness of Greater Montreal in logistics and goods transportation, promote the industry and make it better known to other sectors and the general public, look at ways to improve truck access and transportation flow, discuss the adoption of best practices and technologies and the harmonization and simplification of regulations, and examine how to attract and retain employees.

Cargo Montreal is supported by the Montreal Metropolitan Community and falls within Greater Montreal’s economic development strategy. Its activities are financially supported by Quebec’s Finance and Economy Ministry, Executive Council Ministry, the Montreal Metropolitan Community, and all Cargo Montreal members, while Transport Canada is a participant.

Mathieu Charbonneau has been named executive director of Cargo Montreal. Mr. Charbonneau previously worked for the Association québécoise du transport et des routes (AQTR), Quebec’s road transportation association, where he was technical director, executive director of Transform, the AQTR’s training centre, assistant executive director and interim executive director.

Mr. Charbonneau said the cluster, which has a three-year action plan, will begin by working on three major projects in 2013, each of which will be chaired by a member of Cargo Montreal’s Board of Directors.

One project will look at sectorial development opportunities, including “current and future projects in the logistics chain that will help optimize and improve the chain,” Mr. Charbonneau said.

A second project involves communications and promoting the logistics and transportation sector. “We need to further promote Montreal as a transportation hub and make it better known that it is a highly efficient gateway for goods into North America,” Mr. Charbonneau said.

The third project deals with truck access and transportation flow. “Truck fluidity is a priority for everyone in the logistics chain in the region,” Mr. Charbonneau reiterated.

Three other projects have been identified for 2014 and will focus on labour, regulations and innovation, Mr. Charbonneau said.

Cargo Montreal appointed geography and transportation expert Magali Amiel as its first project manager on February 1. She will lead the first trio of projects. A second project manager will be appointed when the 2014 projects come online.

There will be an official launch of the cluster in the coming weeks at which time Cargo Montreal’s projects, working groups and initial activities will be unveiled in greater detail.

Cargo Montreal is one of seven organized cluster initiatives in Montreal’s metropolitan region. The others are in the sectors of aerospace; clean technology; film and television; financial services; information and communications technology; and life sciences.

CARGO MONTREAL Board of Directors

Cargo Montreal’s Board of Directors brings together senior executives from the logistics and cargo transportation sector. Its members are:

Daniel Bélisle, Senior Vice-President,

Marc Cadieux, President and CEO,

Roger Carré, General Manager,

Frédéric Chevallier, Montreal Business Unit Manager, Vice-President,

Michael Fratianni, Chief Financial Officer,

Mathieu Faure, AVP Intermodal,

Marc Gagnon, Director,
Governmental Affairs and Regulatory Compliance,

Bernard Gendron, Director, Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT), UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL

François C. Hébert, Vice-President, Network Strategies,

Stéphane Pallage, Associate Dean of Research, ESG
(École des sciences de la gestion), University of Quebec at Montreal

Madeleine Paquin, President and CEO,

Charles Raymond, President and CEO,

Claude Robert, President and CEO,

Denis Roch, General Manager, Atlantic and Quebec Divisions,

Laurent Tourigny, President,

Nicole Trépanier, President, SODES

Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO,

Valérie Wells, Director of Legal Affairs,

* Members of the Executive Committee