Prince Rupert launches export development fund to explore new trade opportunities

Prince Rupert Port Authority has launched a new $250,000 funding initiative to help communities and economic development agencies in Western Canada assess new export opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. The Export Development Fund was created to assist eligible organizations in developing new export opportunities across Canada’s northwest trade corridor. Opportunities could be related to an existing industry entering new markets, new or expanded industries that would be viable for export, or existing export industries that are not currently using the port of Prince Rupert. (more…)

Ports can help reduce ship emissions by using a ‘polluter pays’ fee system

By Gavin van Marle

Ports could play a major role in efforts to reduce GHG emissions from the marine shipping industry, a new report from the OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) claims. Reducing Shipping Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Lessons From Port-Based Incentives argues that the introduction of financial incentives by ports for shipping lines deploying greener vessels could go way beyond the few cases so far. (more…)

Infrastructure investments keep business moving

Infrastructure investments keep business moving

The piers, railway tracks, warehouses and roads of the Port of Hamilton represent important components of Canada’s national transportation system. Maintaining and improving these assets is one of the port’s core functions, ensuring tenants and port users have access to the high-quality transportation infrastructure they need to be efficient and globally competitive. (more…)

Sustainability journey reaches first milestone

Hamilton Port Authority released its first ever Sustainability Report this year, as part of a new strategic direction.

“We believe that we operate with a social license that requires us to consider many perspectives,” explained Larissa Fenn, HPA’s Director of Public Affairs. “We began this journey by listening first: connecting with our stakeholders in a variety of ways, and understanding what is important to them. Once we had that knowledge, a comprehensive sustainability program was an obvious way to tie it all together.” (more…)

Port employment partnership in the works

Hamilton’s transportation network is a major part of the city’s unique economic advantage, with access to road, rail, marine and air modes for the movement of goods. At the Port of Hamilton alone, more than 2,100 people work in a variety of transportation-intensive industries. Jobs in these companies require a sophisticated and evolving set of skills. Employees with logistics or supply-chain capabilities are in high demand, but the path to employment in some cases can be difficult to navigate. (more…)

Quebec Stevedoring a powerhouse in Eastern Canada

Quebec Stevedoring a powerhouse in Eastern Canada

By Brian Dunn

Although the town of Sept-Îles has a population of only 25,000, it punches above its weight in maritime shipping and is one of the bigger terminal operations for Quebec Stevedoring Co. Ltd. (QSL) which has 30 port facilities, stretching from St. John’s in the east to Chicago in the west.

It’s not only mining that drives QSL, although it accounts for the bulk of its business in Sept-Îles, according to QSL CEO Robert Bellisle who noted the company will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018.