Port technology the key to unlocking efficiency and smoother supply chains

By James Leeson, head of port commercial at DP World London Gateway

Reliable port infrastructure is critical to the effectiveness of the UK’s supply chains and can unlock solutions to some of the pressing logistical challenges. Moreover, with more than 60 per cent of all global seaborne trade being moved in containers, box ports are crucial.

Containerization has boomed since its conceptualization in the 1960s, significantly simplifying intermodal freight transport. According to Statista, $12 trillion-worth of goods were moved around the world by container in 2017. A great chunk of that trade was moved between Asia and North Europe, routes used by the world’s biggest containerships. (more…)

Review of 2018 Halifax Port Days

Review of 2018 Halifax Port Days

By Tom Peters

The developing technology to create a more efficient cargo supply chain, the status of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations, and CN’s continued investment in safety and equipment to keep cargo moving fluidly, were among the main topics of discussion at the annual Halifax Port Days.

Digitization in the shipping industry grabbed the attention of delegates as a panel of business and technology experts focused on a new blockchain collaboration between Maersk and IBM, called TradeLens. The goal of the project is to develop a highly secure digital ledger system that promotes the sharing of information across the global shipping industry which can reduce costs, improve productivity, increase the speed of the delivery of goods and provide transparency. The Maersk-IBM blockchain will enable the needed safety and security for the digital platform. (more…)

Significant investments in rail, road infrastructure optimize Port of Montreal’s intermodal network

Fluidity is crucial for a logistics chain. More than 800,000 containers are transported by truck each year to and from the Port of Montreal, which is connected to a national network of highways throughout Canada and the U.S. Up to 2,500 trucks move through the port each day.

Another 700,000-plus containers are transported annually by rail to and from the port. The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) operates its own on-dock railway system that is directly connected to Canadian National and Canadian Pacific and their North American networks, with daily departures to Toronto, Chicago and Detroit. Some 60 to 80 container trains move through the port each week. (more…)

Port of Montreal enjoys success in traditional and new markets as it intensifies its business development abroad

Port of Montreal enjoys success in traditional and new markets as it intensifies its business development abroad

Still a leader on the North Atlantic container market between North America and Europe, the Port of Montreal now trades with the entire world – 140 countries on every continent – while experiencing growing success in new markets.

“Globalization has changed the face of international trade and maritime shipping,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA). “It has led to increased trade among countries and fostered the development of emerging markets. (more…)

Port of Montreal strives for excellence in sustainable development and innovation

Port of Montreal strives for excellence in sustainable development and innovation

Sustainable development and innovation are at the heart of the Montreal Port Authority’s (MPA) business practices and strategic plan.

“The MPA is at the forefront of the marine sector’s movement towards a future where emerging technologies, efficiency and sustainable development go hand in hand,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Sylvie Vachon. “We are an organization that is committed to protecting the environment, to its neighbouring communities, and to its contribution to the economic growth of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. The innovative projects that we are undertaking all have a positive impact on these three pillars of sustainable development.” (more…)