Delivering capacity: collaborative approach to funding and delivering infrastructure achieving results at the Port of Vancouver

Delivering capacity: collaborative approach to funding and delivering infrastructure achieving results at the Port of Vancouver

Increased market demand in Asia-Pacific trade continues to underlay the importance of securing sustained investment in, and timely delivery of, trade-enabling infrastructure for the Port of Vancouver. Gateway infrastructure, such as road and rail projects, and marine terminal projects have benefitted from an ongoing successful, collaborative strategy that has attracted billions of dollars in public and private investment during the past several years.

The successful delivery of numerous trade corridor projects, such as the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor series of nine road and rail projects, including eight overpasses, has demonstrated the port community’s ability to deliver capacity to support goods and people movement throughout the region. This continues to provide the impetus for private investment in various terminal enhancements, expansions and new-builds across the port’s business sectors. (more…)

Ports merger expected to diversify project cargo options

Ports merger expected to diversify project cargo options

By Keith Norbury

The recent merger of the Hamilton and Oshawa port authorities should give shippers of project cargo and breakbulk more options for moving those cargoes, said the new President and CEO of the combined Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority. “It gives us a more diversified value proposition in talking to customers, giving them a couple of different alternatives in terms of access to the marine in both facilities,” said Ian Hamilton.

“The project cargo portion of our businesses is relatively small, sort of under five per cent of the overall business,” Mr. Hamilton added, “But breakbulk, on the other hand, is quite an important piece of our business particularly in the steel sector, for both Oshawa and for Hamilton.” (more…)

Association of Canadian Port Authorities elects Jim Quinn as new Chair

The Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) has announced that Jim Quinn, President and CEO of Port Saint John has been appointed as Chair, effective September 11, 2019.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to assume the role Chair of the ACPA Board of Directors at this critical time in the evolution of Canada’s ports,” says Mr. Quinn. “Under the leadership of my predecessor, Donna Taylor, we made tremendous progress over the past year working with our members and partners on important initiatives like the Ports Modernization Review.  With critical issues such as digitalization, security and sustainability on the policy agenda, I am eager to work with my port colleagues to consolidate our position and move forward with a plan that will advance Canada’s ports as an economic enabler for all Canadians.” (more…)

Port of Prince Rupert to benefit from federal National Trade Corridors funding

The federal government announced financial contributions totalling over $153.7 million through its National Trade Corridors Fund (NTCF) to support three separate trade infrastructure projects to facilitate growth at Prince Rupert Port Authority.

The Port’s activity is expected to grow from 26.7 million tonnes of cargo in 2018 to over 50 million tonnes within the next decade. The Port’s continued growth represents an increase in Canadian trade and economic development, and continued participation of local First Nations in the region’s gateway economy. (more…)

Port Windsor builds on its deep roots in the community

Port Windsor is proud to announce the September 2019 opening of Prosperity Place, a new community gathering space located in the Sandwich community of Windsor Ontario. Port Windsor partnered with the Sandwich Teen Action Group (“STAG”) which organization received a $108,000 grant from Ontario’s Trillium Foundation to create an outdoor gathering place that will engage residents and connect them to their neighbours.

“Port Windsor has partnered with STAG on several other successful community projects and events,” says Steve Salmons, President and CEO of Windsor Port Authority. “We are proud to develop this property into such a worthwhile community-based gathering space. Building inclusive and engaged communities is important to all those who live and work in the Sandwich community, including our port customers. The name Prosperity Place highlights the Port’s focus on ensuring community prosperity by providing a space for residents of the community to meet, to perform and to learn.” Prosperity Place is now part of the educational walking tours from the University of Windsor and the local schools. (more…)

Leading sustainability initiatives at Canada’s largest port

To realize its bold and aspirational vision of becoming “the world’s most sustainable port,” the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority supports a collaborative approach with the marine industry. Industry plays a key role in advancing leading initiatives that incentivize port customers to reduce the impact of operations on the environment.

The port authority’s EcoAction Program recognizes a variety of fuel, technology and environmental management options, such as underwater noise-limiting technology, which marine carriers can adopt to qualify their vessels for discounted harbour dues rates. Bronze, silver and gold-level discounts create differentiated harbour dues rates, with up to 47 per cent discounts available, depending on the measures adopted. Landside, the Energy Action Initiative is a joint program with BC Hydro that helps terminal operators and other port tenants enhance their energy conservation practices and save costs. The goal of this program is to protect the energy security of the growing Vancouver-area gateway by reducing energy waste. (more…)