Yang Ming and THE Alliance introduce weekly PS8 Prince Rupert

Port of Prince Rupert, DP World Prince Rupert and CN are pleased to announce a new weekly marine carrier service at the Fairview Container Terminal. Yang Ming and its partners in THE Alliance, Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express, have added Prince Rupert as the first North American port of call on the amended PS8 trans-Pacific service this spring. Originating in the ports of Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai and Busan, the new service made its inaugural call at the port of Prince Rupert on Saturday, April 21 with the arrival of the 6,500 TEU capacity vessel YM Masculinity. (more…)

Investment in Amazon Logistics will grow, as outsourcing goes on … for now

By Alex Lennane

Amazon plans to retain its current mix of outsourced and in-house logistics operations – for now. But it will continue to invest in its own transport capabilities, to cater for growth.

In an earnings call in late April, as Amazon announced its first-quarter results, CFO Brian Olsavsky told analysts the company was growing its own teams. “We have a great group of carriers that we use globally … But we’re also growing our teams and capabilities to ensure that we can keep up with increased volume on our own, particularly around the holiday season. (more…)

Rents go through the roof as U.S. e-commerce boom overruns warehouse space

By Ian Putzger

Warehouse rents in the U.S. are rising rapidly as e-commerce gobbles up space faster than it can be replenished. In some cases, the urge to bring on new capacity seems strangely muted: when it comes to cargo facilities at U.S. airports, there seems to be no hurry to add new or overhaul existing cargo infrastructure, despite serious bottlenecks exposed in last year’s peak season.

Real estate firm CBRE’s Industrial Availability Index was down to 7.3 per cent in the first quarter, which marked 31 consecutive quarters of decline. On a more granular level, available space was down in 31 U.S. markets, up in 25 and flat in eight. (more…)

Customers angry as ‘capacity-hobbled’ UPS quietly pushes up fuel surcharges

By Alexander Whiteman

UPS has denied claims it has been forced to increase fuel surcharges to offset costs associated with wet leases as it struggles for capacity amid surging e-commerce volumes. The U.S. integrator was accused of not properly informing customers it had split its domestic and international air freight fuel surcharges.

Chief Executive of Spend Management Experts John Haber said the Export index is almost 18 per cent higher than the U.S. Domestic Air Index. “Talking to many of our customers, we found they were not formally notified of the fuel surcharge change/ increase,” Mr. Haber told The Loadstar. “We understand costs are rising in the shipping world, but we’d like an explanation on why there is such a difference between export and domestic air in order to logically explain to our clients.” (more…)

Appetite for investment in Hamilton’s growing food cluster

Appetite for investment in Hamilton’s growing food cluster

In the space of a few short years, the Port of Hamilton has emerged as southern Ontario’s primary export gateway for Ontario-grown grain, and the nucleus of an expanding food cluster within the region.

In 2017, the Port of Hamilton handled its highest-ever total of agricultural products. Close to 2.3 million metric tonnes (MT) of commodities such as Ontario-grown corn, wheat and soybeans, as well as canola, sugar, potash and other fertilizers were handled through the port. Agricultural cargoes now make up 23 per cent of the port’s total, up from 12.5 per cent in 2010. (more…)

Infrastructure investments keep business moving

Infrastructure investments keep business moving

The piers, railway tracks, warehouses and roads of the Port of Hamilton represent important components of Canada’s national transportation system. Maintaining and improving these assets is one of the port’s core functions, ensuring tenants and port users have access to the high-quality transportation infrastructure they need to be efficient and globally competitive. (more…)