St. Lawrence Seaway cargo volumes slower in September due to late harvests

During the month of September, Seaway volumes were down 18 per cent from year-ago levels, to 3,991 million tonnes. From March 22 to September 30, cargo shipments totaled 24.8 million tonnes, down 6 per cent from 2018. All cargo categories showed lower volumes, except dry bulk, which was up by 7.3 per cent on a year-to-date basis. The figures reflect a combination of factors including the decrease in U.S. grain exports from earlier in the spring and current delays in the Canadian harvest due to the wet field conditions.

Slow harvest progress in Western Canada is delaying the movement of grain to prairie elevators and export terminals on the West Coast and at Thunder Bay. With harvests estimated to be 20 to 30 per cent behind where they would be normally, it is expected there will be more exports late this fall and into December. (more…)

Sydney (N.S.) and Melford still planning to host modern container terminals

By Tom Peters

While there have been no shovels put into the ground yet, developers of the proposed marine container terminals for the Port of Sydney, Cape Breton (Novaporte) and at Melford on the Strait of Canso, continue to work behind the scenes to advance their projects. In both cases, proponents say all they need to start actual construction is to have a major shipping line sign a long-term contract that would guarantee a minimum number of containers to move over the terminals annually. (more…)

Propane export terminal makes historic debut at Prince Rupert

By Keith Norbury

AltaGas Ltd.’s Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal — the first such facility in Canada — is the latest addition to the port of Prince Rupert. The terminal, called RIPET for short, celebrated the export of its first shipment, bound for Asia, on May 23. “The completion of this game-changing project and the shipment of our first cargo are historic milestones for AltaGas, as well as for our project partners, customers, local indigenous peoples, surrounding communities, and western Canada’s upstream energy sector,” said Randy Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer of AltaGas. “With RIPET now operational, we can offer producers a uniquely complete solution for their propane, providing premium netbacks and market optionality, while also positioning AltaGas to profitably grow our Midstream footprint — a true win-win for AltaGas and our customers.” (more…)

UPS embarks on massive expansion of its presence in Louisville, Kentucky

Next Day Air volume is growing rapidly in the industry and UPS is said to be winning a larger share of this expanding market. Further, healthcare, ecommerce and small business customers are demanding faster delivery times around the globe. In response, UPS Airlines is growing its air network, including its support structure at its home base in Louisville, Ky. (more…)

Delivering capacity: collaborative approach to funding and delivering infrastructure achieving results at the Port of Vancouver

Delivering capacity: collaborative approach to funding and delivering infrastructure achieving results at the Port of Vancouver

Increased market demand in Asia-Pacific trade continues to underlay the importance of securing sustained investment in, and timely delivery of, trade-enabling infrastructure for the Port of Vancouver. Gateway infrastructure, such as road and rail projects, and marine terminal projects have benefitted from an ongoing successful, collaborative strategy that has attracted billions of dollars in public and private investment during the past several years.

The successful delivery of numerous trade corridor projects, such as the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor series of nine road and rail projects, including eight overpasses, has demonstrated the port community’s ability to deliver capacity to support goods and people movement throughout the region. This continues to provide the impetus for private investment in various terminal enhancements, expansions and new-builds across the port’s business sectors. (more…)

Cargo airships poised to take flight

Cargo airships poised to take flight

By Keith Norbury

For 20 years, University of Manitoba professor Dr. Barry Prentice had advocated for lighter-than-air ships as a solution to transportation challenges of remote regions like Canada’s north. No such airships have been flown commercially — at least not since the days of the Zeppelins in the 1930s — but their revival is no longer considered a flight of fancy. Several companies — including aviation giant Lockheed Martin — are developing a new generation of 21st century airships that Dr. Prentice expects will take flight within the next few years.

“There’s not a single cargo ship in use,” said Dr. Prentice, a professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management at the university’s I.H. Asper School of Business. “The only ones that are flying are still the advertising blimps. But there’s a lot of interest and people who are trying and are getting close.” (more…)