Ontario Trucking Association names Laskowski to succeed Bradley in 2018

At its meeting of April 14, Ontario Trucking Association’s Board of Directors endorsed Stephen Laskowski, a 20-year veteran of the association and its current Senior Vice-President, to succeed David Bradley, who will be retiring at the end of 2017. In the meantime, Laskowski will assume the role of President, with Bradley retaining the CEO role.


If you think driverless vehicles are just science-fiction, think again

By R. Bruce Striegler

“Robot highway from Canada to Mexico proposed for self-driving trucks,” read the headline on a May 2015 Canadian Press story in the Globe & Mail, followed a few days later by, “The World’s First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Hits the Road,” in Wired magazine. Welcome to the world of autonomous vehicles (AV), the rapidly emerging transportation revolution that until recently was only heard about in university labs or engineering research institutions. Not anymore though, as almost daily, stories of autonomous vehicles are appearing in media around the world. Perhaps the first question is, exactly what is an autonomous vehicle? The simplest answer: a vehicle capable of fulfilling the traditional actions of a manned car or truck, but able to sense its surrounding environment and navigate without direct human input.


Intervene in container trucking dispute, CIFFA urges

By Alex Binkley

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association has issued a call to federal and Ontario cabinet ministers to intervene in a dispute that threatens to disrupt container shipments in the Greater Toronto Area. The request was sent to Labour Minister Kellie Leitch and Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and their provincial counterparts Kevin Flynn and Steven Del Duca.


Montreal Truckers Appreciation Day 2015

For the eleventh consecutive year, a day of appreciation focused on the numerous truckers entering the two terminals forming Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT), including Sections 62 (Racine) and 77 (Cast).

On June 3rd, 2015, truckers from surrounding provinces as well as local areas participated in this annual event by stopping by the two terminals to have coffee and donuts in the morning. At mid-day, the MGT Executive showed their gratitude by serving the trucking community and invited guests a BBQ. Also to show their appreciation and gratitude, MGT cooler bags were distributed to each trucker.


HPA on-board for modal choice

“The right mode at the right time,” has become the mantra at the Hamilton Port Authority (HPA), an approach to business that’s driven by strong customer demand.

“Almost all of our new customers are looking for an integrated set of transportation options,” said HPA President & CEO Bruce Wood. “And the Port of Hamilton is well positioned to respond to evolving customer needs.”