BBC Chartering and Dan-Gulf Shipping announced that the M/V BBC Ocean will be joining the CaytransBBC fleet. The BBC Ocean is a 6,150-deadweight-tonne tween-deck multipurpose vessel with 329,450-cbf bale capacity featuring 120-tonne lifting capacity. The BBC Ocean will be operated by CaytransBBC which offers a weekly breakbulk liner service between Houston and Mobile to the North Coast of South America, the Caribbean and Central America.

The larger vessel and the increased capacity allow the line to provide higher levels of service to clients. “Adding a larger vessel to our fleet reflects our positive outlook on the market and is a direct result of the continued growth of our service. We believe that the BBC Ocean will allow us to offer better options for larger parcels into and out of the North Coast of South America,” said Mac Bruton, Vice-President for Sales and Marketing at Dan-Gulf.

CaytransBBC LLC is a joint venture between BBC Chartering & Logistics GmbH & Co. KG and Caytrans Project Services (Americas) Ltd. The CaytransBBC Service is managed by Dan-Gulf Shipping, and operates between five and six box-shaped multipurpose tween-deck vessels between 3,500 and 6,150 deadweight tonnes with lifting capacity of up to 120 tonnes. The service has the ability to quickly tap into the large fleet of multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels operated by BBC Chartering, giving access to vessels with lifting capacity of up to 800 tonnes.