After 13 years, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) is pleased to announce significant changes to the 2014 FCA gala events scheduled for Toronto (April 10th), Montreal (June 12th) and Vancouver (September 26th). 

The new format ‘Forwarders Celebrate Associates’ (FCA) events focus on networking and the community. This year, associate member firms from all categories will be recognized for their socially responsible contributions to the community in which we all work. Associate member firms will have the opportunity to showcase their initiatives through a simple application process. At each regional event, following selection by a regional committee, one or more associate member firms will be recognized for these social contributions.

The new FCA Leadership Awards may be awarded in four categories:

• Environmental Excellence
• Humanitarian Excellence
• Excellence in Innovation
• Outstanding Community Contributions

In addition to these leadership awards, associate member firms will receive acknowledgement for their years of membership in the association. At each of the three events, our long-standing associate member firms will receive recognition and thanks for their support of CIFFA over the years.

“We are excited about the new FCA format”, said Gary Vince, CIFFA Director and Chair of the FCA Committee. “We have so many notable associate members –carriers, insurance companies, lawyers, packaging, trucking and warehouse service providers who contribute to our success. As ‘architects of transportation solutions’, international freight forwarders rely heavily on our associate members to structure the right solution for our customers. It is time to broaden our recognition to all associate members.”

New CIFFA President Jeff Cullen also commented that, “It was time to change from the previous format. As global logistics service providers, regular CIFFA members value all of our associate members. In the past we have recognized air, marine and ground carriers by voting. The new format showcases associate members from every category and creates an ideal networking opportunity for freight forwarders to meet their suppliers, all of whom we count on to provide solutions for our customers. If you thought previous FCA galas were fun, wait until you experience our new format. We will be keeping the formal sit-down dinner and bookending with even more opportunities to mix and mingle. I can’t wait to see everyone there.”

To purchase event sponsorships contact:

Tom McGinn (, 416-365-2802-x222)
Angelo Loffredi (, 514-288-2358)
Jeff Haley (, 604-244-5940).