We have had a slow spring and summer, but are enjoying the best sum­mer weather in memory. We held our Annual General Meeting on June 6. During the meeting, we voted in the following panel of executive:

Chairman: William Conway (re-elected)
Vice-Chairman: Darryl Francis
Secretary: Tony Barclay
Treasurer: Don Hartery
National Council Rep: John Moyes
Membership: Don Scurlock

We also reviewed our objectives and plans for the new year, in anticipation of a strong marine presence in our province.

One other highlight was the acknowledgement of the Crowsnest Officers’ Club that has served as a home for most of our meetings and annual dinners over the last 25 years or so. The Club is presently closed for the summer, undergoing renovations.

In appreciation, our Branch Chairman, Bill Conway, presented the Club President, Mr. Tony Dearness, with a $1,000 contribution towards the renovation fund.