The CIMarE recognizes those who have contributed substantially, through hard work and dedication to the organization, with an honourary life membership. If there is someone you feel is deserving of this reward, please bring them to your local branch’s attention. The following is a list of those who have been recognized with this honour to date:

Beldan Reynolds
Colin Brown
Kavas Dadachanji
H.R.C.  Doherty
Victor Hendrickson
Brian Keefe
L. Kenny
J.D. Leitch
John Moriarty
M.J. Moyle
James G. Nichol
Len Perrigo
John R. Pirquet
J.C. Robertson
Keith Rusby
Donald Scurlock
J.L. Smith
J.R. Trygstad
D.W. Wilson

Note: We are always trying to keep our membership records up to date. If you notice any errors in the above list, please ­contact Lauren Solar at