CITT has finalized the program for its 2013 National Conference on Supply Chain and Logistics, the annual learning and networking event presented by CITT.

“THRIVE-ability: Strategies for more profitable, sustainable supply chains” will be held in Toronto, Ontario from November 3-5, 2013. Learning sessions were designed to provide logistics professionals with strategies and tools to help them thrive in turbulent times. It’s a must-attend event for anyone who buys, sells or manages the movement of goods and materials or is impacted by supply chain logistics.

The eight learning sessions are as follows:

Sustainably Lean Logistics: How to employ Lean principles, tools and methods in logistics operations to enhance value, improve efficiency and drive profitability

Fuel Surcharges Panel: An executive panel explores the risks and implications of fuel surcharges and will look for a better way to approach this common and divisive practice.

2014 Economic Outlook: Plan better using an unbiased view of the economic trends, current challenges and opportunities for 2014.

Improv for Business Leaders: Learn to think better on your feet in this hands-on communication workshop led by veteran actors from The Second City.

Driving Business Ethically: Discover proven advantages of professional integrity and participate in a workshop to help you learn how to action the ethical opportunities within your own company.

Global Trade Compliance: Why a fully integrated, cross-functional risk management strategy is a new imperative for companies, and how to signal this priority and engage senior leadership.

Closing Your Talent Gap: How to turn talent management into a competitive business practice.

Logistics to the Rescue: Hear how logistics helped Manitoba gain ground on the 2011 flood through this riveting chronicle of extreme logistics teamwork.

For more information, contact: Alan Major, Communications Officer, CITT at (416) 363 – 5696 ext. 22 (