CITT advises the immediate change of its designation name to “CCLP”. This trademarked designation name indicates that its bearer is a “CITT Certified Logistics Professional”. “For the last 50 years, professionals who were certified by CITT carried the simple designation “CITT” after their names. While we’ve built tremendous equity in this designation, it didn’t actually describe the professional, his/her area of specialized expertise or explicitly reflect the person’s significant level of experience, accomplishment and professionalism,” said CITT President, Catherine Viglas. “After years of planning and consultation with our members and industry, we’ve decided to make the designation name more intuitive and fully descriptive. “CITT Certified Logistics Professional” (CCLP) is self-evident and, importantly, preserves “CITT” as the credibility anchor of the designation,” she explains. Adding “logistics” to the designation name provides important, new information about the credential for some people in the industry.