Among the first shipping companies in the world, Clipper Group has recently received ISO 50001 certification for its vessels. The certification covers both Clipper Fleet Management as a company and those vessels which are under management by Clipper Fleet Management, currently around 30 multi-purpose and bulk vessels.

“To us, ISO 50001 certification is a valuable recognition and documentation that we’re doing the right things within fuel efficiency and energy management,” says Kristian Morch, Clipper Group CEO. “Going through the certification process has made us further streamline our fuel efficiency management processes, and we see the certification as a natural step in our continuous focus on reducing fuel consumption and lessening our environmental impact.”

It was Lloyd’s Register that performed the certification: “With today’s emphasis on energy efficiency, the ISO 50001 standard can really help our clients maximize energy efficiency”, says Lloyd’s Register’s Nordic Marine Manager, Ian Revell. “We congratulate Clipper for taking this step.”

ISO 50001 standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving energy management systems. It can be seen as a superstructure to the mandatory Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP), a requirement by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and establishing a mechanism to improve the energy efficiency of a vessel. Clipper is developing and implementing its own Energy Performance Management System, which will facilitate benchmarking, analysis and improvement on the individual vessels’ performance. Concrete performance initiatives include speed optimization, trim optimization as well as hull cleaning and paint.

“Optimization never stops”, Kristian Morch comments. “Our objective is to constantly increase fuel efficiency for Clipper vessels and other vessels under our management. With annual bunker consumption of our scale, every saving, big or small, significantly contributes to bringing down our environmental footprint.“

In addition to ISO 50001 certification, Clipper Fleet Management and all vessels under its management have also been ISO 14001 certified with regard to overall environmental performance.