Claude Mongeau, President and CEO of CN says CN’s business agenda is the product of the company’s remarkable business transformation since privatization in 1995. Mongeau, speaking to the Toronto Board of Trade on May 15 said: “Our business agenda is shaped by what CN stands for, by what we do best, and by the way we see our role as a backbone of the economy. This agenda reflects the lessons learned and the values we developed during CN’s transformation, from rail industry laggard to industry leader.”

“Operational and Service Excellence is the foundation of our business, creating value for our customers and shareholders. But we know we can do more. Beyond our leadership in rail fuel efficiency, we are broadening the scope of our environmental efforts to embrace a comprehensive sustainability agenda. And CN is engaging its 23,000 employees to work closely with the communities it serves and to support the causes that are important to them.

“What CN stands for matters,” Mongeau said. “Our commitment to excellence, value creation and sustainability will guide us moving forward as we seek to continue our transformational journey.”