CN announced its annual major work program for the Quebec Bridge. The cost of the work to be undertaken in 2015 is estimated at C$7 million, bringing the total investment in the bridge since 2013 to C$17 million. CN plans to invest up to C$95 million over 10 years to ensure the safety and long-term viability of the Quebec Bridge. The work is part of the major work program that CN and the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ) agreed upon in 2013 following a thorough inspection of the entire bridge by engineering firm Roche. The agreement reflects the dual purpose of the bridge and takes into account the fact that the bridge will mainly be used for road traffic.


In addition to providing for major investments, the agreement also outlines up-to-date road surface design and management by best practices. MTQ has indicated it intends to replace the entire roadway deck over the next few years. The new deck, which is expected to cost tens of millions of dollars, will feature improvements mandated under the agreement, including an improved drainage system allowing de-icing salt-contaminated water to drain off to prevent wear and extend the life of the bridge. MTQ’s investments are in addition to those made under the major rehabilitation program in partnership with CN.

Claude Mongeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of CN, said: “CN has been investing heavily in the Quebec Bridge for over a century to extend its life even though it has been used less and less for rail traffic. The major rehabilitation program, which covers the 2015 program announced today, confirms CN’s ongoing commitment to preserve a strategic piece of infrastructure for Quebec City.”