CN has awarded a contract to build 1,150 new generation, high-capacity, grain hopper cars to National Steel Car Ltd. of Hamilton, ON, bringing to $1-billion the amount CN plans to invest in Ontario by the end of 2022. In addition to its purchase of 1,150 rail cars, as well as CN’s ongoing annual capital investments, CN has also pledged to invest more than $250-million in the construction of the proposed Milton Logistics Hub, an essential transportation infrastructure project that is critical to the economic future of consumers in Ontario and Canada.

On July 21, 2020, CN announced it was purchasing the new closed 55-foot eight-inch jumbo grain hopper cars, each with 5,431 cubic feet of capacity. CN’s Western Canadian grain fleet is comprised of CN-owned hoppers, leased cars and private customer equipment. The new grain hopper cars will enable the company to move more tonnage of grain per year.

The Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, commented: “I’m immensely proud that CN has chosen a made-in-Ontario solution to manufacture new generation, high-capacity, grain hopper cars. Ontario-made is quality-made. CN is a great contributor to Ontario’s economy, consumers and communities, and its role is especially valued as the Province and the country recover from COVID-19. It’s investments like these that will create jobs and prosperity across the country as Ontario-made grain cars will be used in the movement of Western Canadian Grain.”

JJ Ruest, CN’s Chief Executive stated that as the North American economy continues to recover, “CN is determined to play an essential role in Canada’s return to national prosperity following the challenge of COVID-19. We are doing it in many ways – including by making significant investments in the places we serve. The $1-billion CN plans on investing in Ontario over the next two years demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the Province. The purchase of new railcars will encourage economic recovery, and help CN continue to meet the growing needs of grain farmers and grain customers across Canada.”