The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) recently named Marie-Chantal Savoy, Director of Marketing Innovation at CN, the 2016 TMSA Marketing Executive of the Year. Each year, this award recognizes a senior-level leader who has demonstrated strategic thinking and intelligent execution of marketing initiatives to meet the business goals of their organization.

“Marie exemplifies what TMSA encourages our members to aspire to,” said Brian Everett, TMSA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Those involved in the selection process were thoroughly impressed with how effectively Savoy has elevated marketing in the rail industry within North America, while giving CN a new face digitally, in print, and at every intersection where the CN brand interacts with stakeholders. We were particularly struck by a statement made in her nomination: ‘Marie is fearless in how she approaches a challenge. As a result, she creates commitment in those around her, this has been core to her success in elevating and modernizing CN’s marketing. She has managerial courage, she is creative and innovative, and has unstoppable passion.’ ”

This award is part of TMSA’s mission to provide recognition to marketing, sales, and communications professionals in the transportation and logistics industries. TMSA helps its members and their companies to make sales, marketing and communications strategies more effective, productive, and profitable.