Each year, Logistec ensures that over a million tonnes of coal and petcoke safely make their way from self-unloading vessels at the Sydney International Pier to thermal electricity plants on Cape Breton Island. “Our clients, employees, community, and shareholders are as environmentally conscious as we are, and we share their desire to enjoy the benefits of a healthy environment. Logistec makes sure to use tight controls and up-to-date monitoring equipment to benchmark its operations. It also stays informed of new environmental requirements and technological advances,” says Robert Kazamel, Logistec’s General Manager at Sydney International Pier.

As coal travels from ship to truck or railcar in Sydney, there are windscreens, fog nozzles, and a foam dust suppression system in place to ensure that operations are as clean as possible. Storage piles are ringed with a series of computer-controlled spray systems, and water run-off is carefully managed in settling ponds. “We pride ourselves on customer service, and in this case, our client needed stevedoring, terminal management, trucking, and 22.5 kilometres of short-line rail service,” added Mr. Kazamel. “At any given time, up to 240,000 tonnes of bulk material is stored at our Sydney terminal. The current loadout system consists of a radial shiploader with slewing, shuttling, and luffing movements as well as a rail loop incorporating a coal unloading trestle coupled to a reclaim system.”

In addition to the Sydney International Pier, Logistec has worked with coal from large, ocean-going vessels at other locations in its network of over 30 ports and terminals throughout Eastern North America.

“Some companies are transforming their facilities, either because alternative raw materials (such as gas) are getting cheaper, or to meet updated renewable energy regulations. In Europe and Ontario, for example, we’ve seen a number of coal-fired power stations retrofitted to accommodate biomass,” says George Di Sante, Vice-President, Market Development at Logistec. “We have been a bulk cargo service provider for over 60 years, and it’s up to us to keep pace with our customers. Regardless of the raw materials they choose, we make sure that they receive the same level of service from us so that they can concentrate on new prospects for their business.”