The Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots Inc. (CLSLP) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC). Among those who attended the event are Jean D’Amour, Quebec Minister for Transport and the Implementation of the Maritime Strategy, and Mario Girard, President and CEO of Port of Quebec. CLSLP is the first group of marine pilots in North America to possess this type of technological infrastructure.


With an initial private investment of over $3 million, MSRC trains and develops CLSLP pilots and shares its simulation expertise with other pilots and marine professionals. Over the past 10 years, MSRC has been training marine pilots and apprentice pilots from the region and elsewhere. Its facilities simulate real navigational conditions and customize them to the environment of each participant.

“MSRC’s reputation has grown steadily within the global maritime community since it was created in 2005. We are proud to see that its clients include all Canadian pilots as well as pilots from the United States, Brazil and soon Columbia. In 2014, MSRC delivered more than 4,900 hours of customized training and development,” explained Captain Simon Mercier, President of CLSLP.

The Centre has also acquired a solid reputation for its validation of new port infrastructures and the improvement of maritime safety, thanks to the expertise of its trainers, its knowledgeable staff and the valuable contribution of CLSLP pilots. MSRC continually invests in its future to maintain its global leadership position.

“Infrastructures such as MSRC are essential to Quebec’s maritime industry, especially within the context of the implementation of our government’s Maritime Strategy. I applaud the vision of the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots in creating this world-class facility,” said Jean D’Amour.