The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and CargoNet, a provider of supply chain security risk analysis tools, have announced they are working together to help motor carriers introduce an additional layer of security aimed at reducing their vulnerability to the growing problem of cargo crime and provide police agencies with the information needed to apprehend those who perpetrate these crimes.

CargoNet features a national database, 24/7 theft alert system, task force and investigations support, driver education and awareness training and a tractor-trailer theft deterrence program. CargoNet is a division of the Verisk Crime Analytics unit at Verisk Analytics.

“By joining forces with CargoNet, which is already working with carriers and police departments in the United States, we are able to provide a secure mechanism that will assist the Canadian trucking industry and law enforcement agencies in addressing many of the issues and recommendations identified in CTA’s report on cargo crime released a little over a year ago,” said CTA CEO David Bradley. “Cargo crimes affect the entire supply chain, from shippers, to insurers, to carriers, and ultimately the end customer,” says Bradley. “The trucking industry is leading the charge to combat cargo crime, but we need to work with and convince members of the enforcement community, governments and the Canadian judicial system that cargo crime, which is increasingly orchestrated by sophisticated organized crime syndicates, is a serious issue that is costing the Canadian economy billions of dollars.”

A group of CTA member carriers from across Canada are joining the CargoNet program. CTA will retain a seat on CargoNet Canada’s advisory board.