Under the leadership of Captain Seann O’Donoughue and Chief Engineer David Michalowicz, MV CWB Marquis was the first vessel to officially sail through the St. Lambert locks to inaugurate the Seaway’s 2015 shipping season. Captain O’Donoughue has worked for Algoma in different capacities since 1997 and has been in the capacity of Master since 2007. Captain O’Donoughue hails from Owen Sound, Ontario. Chief Engineer Michalowicz returned to Algoma in 2013 and is a resident of Fonthill, Ontario. Both were onboard during the vessel’s maiden voyage to Canada.

CWB Marquis is the third in a series of innovative, efficient and environmentally-preferred new Equinox Class ships to arrive in Canada. This state-of-the-art new vessel represents the next generation of Great Lakes bulk carriers. Developed by Algoma, together with a team of world class designers, naval architects and engineers, Equinox Class balances hull form, power and speed with cargo-carrying capability for optimal performance and environmental efficiency. The Equinox Class series will include four gearless bulk carriers and four self-unloaders. CWB Marquis is the first of two Equinox Class vessels delivered to CWB. CWB Marquis and CWB Strongfield, scheduled to arrive later this year, are owned by CWB, but are part of the Algoma Bulker Pool, which Algoma operates and manages.

Marquis is named after the historic wheat variety that was bred specifically for the short Canadian growing season. Its consistent wheat quality and yield set the stage for Canada to become a first-class wheat exporter.

The new ships are 45 per cent more efficient than their predecessors. Importantly, the modern Tier II electronically controlled engine will reduce air emissions by 45 per cent. Each Equinox Class ship includes a fully integrated, IMO approved, closed loop exhaust gas scrubber system to remove 97 per cent of all sulphur oxides from shipboard emissions. The Equinox Class is the first class of Great Lakes commercial vessels to be built with integrated exhaust gas scrubbers.

CWB Marquis was built by Nantong Mingde Heavy Industries, in China. The ship completed a 14,700 nautical mile, 61 day voyage from China to Canada when it arrived at Port Cartier, Quebec on January 1, 2015 to load 28,421MT of iron ore destined for ArcelorMittal Dofasco in Hamilton.

CWB Marquis is 225.55 metres (740’) long, with a beam of 23.77 metres (78’) and a depth of 14.7 metres {48’ 3”). The vessel has a Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of 23,895 and has 5 cargo holds. It carries approximately 29,800 metric tonnes of cargo at the maximum Seaway draft of 8.08 metres (26’6”). CWB Marquis is equipped with an approved, state of the art, Draft Information System (DIS) which utilizes up-to-date charts containing high resolution bathymetric data that allows the vessel to increase its maximum operating draft by up to 7 cm in the St. Lawrence Seaway.