The Port’s aggressive diversification strategy is marked by gains in the agricultural sector, with grain capacity being supported by additional terminals, expansion of silo and truck scale configurations and new throughput from across the Southern Ontario farming community. Hamilton offers an ideal alternative for independent farmers looking to reach international export markets.

Hamilton’s emergence as a grain centre is supported by Parrish & Heimbecker’s   investment of more than $30 million at Pier 10. Twin storage domes, which began operating last spring, offer a static storage capacity of more than 60,000 tonnes, and leveraging technology and mode interfaces to reach potential throughput of more than one million tonnes annually.

Richardson International’s configuration of the Eastport terminal included additional capacity and efficient movements aided by new scales. “Hamilton continues to be redefined by new sectors – such as grain –  which are continually adding new technology to their processes,” notes HPA Vice-President Ian Hamilton. “We’ve become a strategic centre for Southern Ontario farmers.”

Other bulk cargoes, including construction aggregates and salt storage at Pier 22, continue to provide steady volumes, while breakbulk and projects cargoes are supported by specifically earmarked laydown and staging areas.