Six natural gas fleet workshops will be held across Canada during February 2014 with a focus on medium- and heavy-duty factory-built natural gas vehicles. The half-day workshops are supported by Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY for Alternative Fuels program. These workshops aim to give fleets much needed information on operating compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles including project implementation information as well as details regarding economic and environmental benefits.

"Natural gas for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles is one of the biggest made-in-Canada environmental stories of the decade" says Douglas Stout, Vice-President of FortisBC and Chair of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance. "Canadian innovation created the engines that can replace diesel with natural gas, and this technology is being used to transform the heavy vehicle transportation sector in North America. Switching to natural gas is a strategy that all fleet owners should be considering."

Operating fleet vehicles on natural gas can make transportation companies more competitive and help municipal fleets become greener and cleaner. Heavy vehicles are one of Canada’s fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas vehicles reduce emissions by up to 20 percent compared to diesel vehicles. There are an estimated 50 models of factory-built trucks and buses to choose from.

To learn more about upcoming fleet workshops, visit, or call 1-844-242-8485 for more information. Workshops will be held in Laval, Quebec, on February 13 (in French), in London (Feb 18), Mississauga (Feb 19), Calgary (Feb 19), Drummondville, Quebec, on February 20 (in French), and Vancouver on February 26.