The Quebec Port Authority awarded its 2012 Gold-Headed Cane to Sunil Kumar Vij, Captain of the M.V. Federal Rideau, which docked at the Port of Quebec on January 4 at 12.25 p.m. It was the first ocean-going vessel from a foreign port to arrive in 2012 after a journey from Dordrecht, the oldest city in the Netherlands. Flying the flag of Hong Kong, the bulk carrier of close to 200 metres in length docked at berth 52 (Beauport). It was in port to take on a shipment of copper at the dry-bulk terminal operated by St. Lawrence Stevedoring, a division of Quebec Stevedoring, destined for the Port of Brunsbüttel in Germany.

A short ceremony took place aboard the ship with representatives of the management of the Quebec Port Authority, St. Lawrence Stevedoring, Lower St. Lawrence Ocean Agencies Ltd. and the media.