Employees of Montreal shipping company Fednav, along with their families and friends, enthusiastically participated in a cleanup of the banks of the St. Lawrence River Park Promenade-Bellerive. This was the third consecutive year that the company combined its initiative with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, in collaboration with Montreal Port Authority and Urgence Marine.

More than 60 participants offered their time and energy with a goal to preserve the health of the banks of this great urban park. “This site is a unique window on the river and on the ships that head toward the port. As a maritime company, the preservation of these areas is directly related to our values,” Marc Gagnon, President, says about Fednav, whose involvement in this activity is aligned with its actions for the environment.

“We have a responsibility to conduct our business responsibly, using the latest scientific and technological advances, in order to reduce our environmental footprint. In this regard, shipping is, in fact, the most energy-efficient mode of transport,” added Mr. Gagnon.