Belledune Port Authority (BPA) recently announced that MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada Ltd. will be the first tenant to occupy the Belledune Modular Fabrication Facility at the Port of Belledune. The new facility will enable the lay-out and production of pre-assembled units for use in local, national and international projects. It will provide employment opportunities for local contractors and service providers, and the Port of Belledune will see an increase in shipping activity. “Our new barge terminal will play an important logistics role since it will serve to transport the modular unit to its final destination”, said Rayburn Doucett, President and CEO of the BPA.

“MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada Ltd. will be leasing the Belledune facility for a period of five months to build enclosures, in which MAN gensets and auxiliary equipment will be installed. These enclosures will be shipped by barge to a port near the Raglan Mine Site in Nunavik in northern Quebec for power generation”, says Dave Samson, Managing Director of MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada Ltd. “For the realization of this project we benefit greatly from BPA’s flexibility, the excellent fabrication facility as well as from the strategic location of Belledune Port Authority. We are looking forward to kicking off the project on April 2, 2012.”

The Province of New Brunswick invested $7 million towards the construction of the Modular Fabrication Facility while the federal government contributed $1.5-million through the Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor Initiative; additionally, ACOA provided a $3.2 million loan toward the project.

The Belledune Modular Fabrication Facility is a state-of-the-art facility built at the Port of Belledune. Not only does the port connect to strategic shipping routes, it is also an intermodal gateway serviced by CN Railway and has direct congestion-free access to a highway system spanning North America.