In the presence of numerous invited guests, Groupe Morneau, a family company, inaugurated its brand new transport terminal in Anjou (Montreal), which was constructed at a cost of some $25 million. With a surface area of 105,000 square feet, this terminal which contains 82 loading docks will enable over 500 truck trips every day.

The location of the terminal, at the junction of Autoroutes 40 and 25, will allow the company to further develop its activities across Quebec and Ontario. The new terminal will merge the activities of Morneau Transport, Morneau Solution, Morneau Sego, and Morneau Global under one roof.

“This new terminal will establish our expertise on an even more solid foundation by offering our clients the most important LTL transport terminal in Quebec. Over 10,000 pallets per day can be handled in this space, which is designed to minimize the risk of damaging goods. As such we maintain virtually unmatched claim rate scores of less than 0.5 per cent, which greatly benefits all of our customers,” explained Mr. Andre Morneau, President of Groupe Morneau.

“In a territory as vast as ours, transportation is a vital aactivity in our economy and crucial to maintaining the supply of goods and services to many communities. I would thus like to congratulate Groupe Morneau for its growing capacity to innovate and adapt to their clients’ needs for over 70 years now,” said Mr. Jacques Daoust, Quebec Minister of the Economy, Innovation, and Exports.

These new facilities will also contain a maintenance centre and a technology centre, as well as equipment for the treatment of containers destined for intermodal and international transport via Morneau’s Global division.