Excellence Peterbilt of Sainte Julie, Quebec, has placed Canada’s first heavy-duty rental truck powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) into service, according to Nicole Lussier, the company’s President.

“In collaboration with our partners, Peterbilt Motors, PacLease, Gaz Metro Transport Solutions and Westport HD, we are offering private and for-hire transporters an opportunity to test drive and compare the economic and environmental benefits of this alternative technology,” Ms. Lussier said.

According to Gaz Metro Transport Solutions, a Gaz Métro Plus subsidiary, road transportation represents the largest GHG emitter in Quebec, accounting for more than 40 per cent of total emissions. Heavy diesel trucks emit 28 per cent of the GHG emissions in Québec, while representing only 2 per cent of all vehicles. That is why natural gas for vehicles is an ideal solution for heavy transport, using already proven and available technologies to reduce GHG emissions.

Excellence Peterbilt is a dealer with two years of experience working with LNG. Lussier said both dealerships in Laval and Sainte-Julie meet the required safety regulation to carry out routine maintenance and mechanical repairs. Location de camions Excellence PacLease will offer heavy-duty vehicles powered by compressed natural gas for the local distribution industry starting in 2013, she added.

Excellence Peterbilt is a heavy-duty truck dealer that sells and markets Peterbilt trucks. Peterbilt is a Division of PACCAR Inc, which manufactures medium-duty trucks in Quebec, (Ste-Thérèse). Excellence Peterbilt will open a parts and service dealership in Saint-Jacques-Le-Mineur in January of 2013, and a full-service dealership in Drummondville in the Fall 2013.