Port of Montreal is pleased with an announcement by Hydro-Québec that it will raise two power lines above the St. Lawrence River, an initiative that will allow larger cruise ships capable of carrying 3,000 to 4,000 passengers to reach Montreal. Hydro-Québec will tighten power cables next year at Trois-Rivières and Boucherville, providing a clearance of 52 metres under the wires for vessels sailing to Montreal.

The power lines were lower in height than the Laviolette Bridge in Trois-Rivières, the lowest insurmountable obstacle on the St. Lawrence River for vessels sailing to Montreal. The bridge has 52 metres of clearance under its structure. Air draft – the height of the part of a ship that is out of the water – is vital for vessels, especially cruise ships that are built higher than cargo ships because of their multiple passenger decks.

“I commend Hydro-Québec for committing to take action,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of Montreal Port Authority. “This is excellent news for the cruise sector in Montreal, which has continued to evolve over the past three years thanks to the work of our marketing and operations teams and the support of Montreal Cruise Committee partners.”