I.E. Canada – Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters – and the Canadian Professional Logistics Institute will launch on April 22, the first of five Joint Executive Leadership Program deliveries leading to professional certification in Supply Chain Logistics & Customs and Trade.

This program will cover:

• Leadership: In-residence at an executive center where leaders talk to leaders about issues they face in their current role. Tap into shared insights and the collective wisdom of peers.

• Transformation: A journey from discovery to strategy, through innovation, integration and finally communication. What keeps us awake at night? How do we handle it?

• Global Business: Delivering value, handling complexity, managing risk, balancing customs and trade issues that impact business. How do we sustain successful relations among diverse players and along complex supply chains in global trade environments?

• Recognition: The P.Log [Professional Logistician] and CTP [Customs and Trade Professional] designations are individual statements of trust and credibility, commitments to lifelong learning. You earn the P.Log and CTP as a life choice enhanced by the careers you create for yourself.

• Personal Development: Are you prepared to be part of an internationally mobile workforce that is competent, credible and worthy of worldwide recognition for the globally competitive market?

Admission to the program is open to logistics and international trade practitioners with a minimum of eight years of work experience.  Executives with a minimum of five years of work experience are also invited to participate.

For more information, please contact Jasmine at the Logistics Institute at 416-363-3005, ext 13, or jgill@loginstitute.ca