I.E.Canada supports the efforts by the provincial and federal governments, the Port of Vancouver, and the transportation industry to find a permanent solution to the issues that challenge operations at the port of Vancouver. The February/ March 2014 trucking disruption was a significant hardship for many of our members, who rely on the seamless movement of goods and materials through their supply chains in order to remain competitive.


Implementation of the Joint Action Plan, which was agreed to by both federal and provincial governments and by the trucking companies, is well underway. This includes a new licensing system, as well as the appointment of a trucking commissioner for the port. While I.E.Canada recognizes that the transition to the new licensing system and regulations is challenging, implementation of the solution is critical to the wellbeing of Canada’s importing and exporting community.

I.E. Canada urges all parties to continue to work together as these new reforms come into place with aim of ensuring that the port of Vancouver remains open and operates efficiently in order to provide reliability and certainty for Canadian and international shippers. It is critically important that another disruption at the port be avoided while the new processes and regulations are implemented. Should another labour disruption take place, it would cause irreparable harm to the Canadian economy, to Canadian consumers and to Canada’s reputation as a global leader in international trade.

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