Ocean Dredging DSM Ocean Inc., an Ocean sister company, will carry out a harbour dredging contract with its Mexican partner Dragados del Golfo, in Paraiso, a town located in the state of Tabasco in Mexico. The dredging of the port of Dos Bocas is a unique opportunity for Ocean and a first in Mexico.

The dredging of the port of Dos Bocas will extend over a period of more than 60 days and a dozen Ocean employees will be required to carry out the work. The trailing suction hopper dredge Océan Traverse Nord will take 16 to 21 days to reach Mexico.

The extraction of 250,000 cubic metres of sediment will enable ships to travel safely within the harbour. The sediments will be sucked up, then discharged on the ground 500 metres from the dredge area through the hydraulic unloading system of the Ocean Traverse Nord, and subsequently managed by Dragados del Golfo.

Dredging DSM Ocean will undertake the dredging with its new trailing suction hopper dredge, built at a cost of $25 million by Industries Ocean shipyard, at Isle-aux-Coudres, Quebec. The over 64-metre dredge is the largest ever built in eastern Canada. It is equipped with the latest technologies which allow dredging to a depth of 30 metres with a pumping capacity of 5,500 cubic metres per hour. It is powered by two (2) omni type Z-drive propellers and two 1,000-hp engines.

This contract was obtained following a collaboration agreement with Dragados del Golfo announced during the trade mission in Mexico held last June in which Ocean took part. This partnership allows Ocean to participate in dredging projects in Mexican territory. Together with its partner, Ocean will continue its efforts to win other contracts in Mexico.