The inaugural train from Landmark Services Cooperative’s new Fall River, Wis., grain termina​l loaded 100 cars of soybeans for export through the Gulf Coast. The departure marks the creation of new shipping options and an ability to reach new markets for Wisconsin farmers via CP’s rail network.  

“CP’s rail network, in combination with Landmark Services Cooperative’s well-designed new grain facility, will be a powerful force in enabling Wisconsin farmers to reach new markets,” said John Brooks, CP’s Vice-President, Marketing & Sales, Bulk. “We’re very pleased with the partnership we’ve established with Landmark. This is a project with benefits for both of us, in addition to farmers and the general public.” 

Rail transport is a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly mode for delivering products to market over long distances. A train can move a tonne of freight 500 miles on a gallon of fuel. It would take more than 300 trucks on public roadways to move the same amount of freight as the unit train handling today’s inaugural move on CP’s rail network. The Fall River terminal is the first CP-served grain facility in Wisconsin capable of loading entire trains. ​​