The federal government is increasing its investment, and expanding eligibility criteria to reduce injuries and fatalities, and increase public safety around the railway system. Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced the new Rail Safety Improvement Program with over $55 million in funding. This new program increases overall funding, expands the list of eligible recipients and broadens the scope of projects that could be funded to enhance rail safety.

Funding will support safety improvements on rail property, along rail lines and at road-rail grade crossings such as flashing lights, bells and/or gates, as well as intangibles such as research and studies, as well as the closures of grade crossings that present safety concerns. Garneau reiterated that “As I’ve said many times, rail safety is my top priority, and I remain committed to reducing the number of accidents and incidents on Canada’s rail lines and over 20,000 federally regulated crossings. There are new technologies to improve railway safety that have proven effective, and through this new program, we can invest in them and expand their use nationwide."