Maersk Line has announced the beginning of the end of surcharge complexity. During 2013, Maersk Line will carry out a phased approach to simplify its surcharge structure, making it easier for all parties to deal with quotes, contracts and invoices. The final surcharge structure, which Maersk expects to achieve by mid-2013, will have fewer and more transparent charges. This initiative is not about adding cost, but making the cost of a container shipment easier to understand and evaluate.

Phase 1 of Surcharge Simplification starts January 1, 2013, and will be done in direct dialogue with customers that are entering into new contracts or renewing existing ones as of January 1. Following surcharges will be rolled into the basic freight:

• Basic ocean freight,
• Cargo declaration data fee,
• Cargo declaration data fee export,
• Panama transit fee,
• Rivertoll charge,
• Carrier security charge,
• Suez transit fee,
• Currency adjustment factor.

Phase 2 is about cleaning up the complex landscape of local surcharges. Maersk will maintain a broad catalogue of optional, value-adding services, whilst other charges will be combined into a single Service Charge for origin and destination respectively, local regulations permitting.